Shawn Booth Has A ‘Tough Time’ With Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘Blasting’ Relationship With Jason Tartick ‘All Over The Place’

Shawn Booth is not too happy about having to see his ex with another man.

The “Bachelorette” contestant broke it off with fiancee Kaitlyn Bristowe last year, and now she’s moved on to another contestant from the show, Jason Tartick.

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Booth appeared on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s “Almost Famous: In Depth” podcast — debuting on Sunday — and he spoke about Bristowe’s new romance.

“I think just with her moving on so quick, I just have a tough time understanding why she would be putting this out everywhere or blasting it all over the place knowing that it could hurt,” Booth said in a clip shared with E! News.

Bristowe has been public about her relationship with Tartick, appearing with him on social media posts.

Booth shared that he and Bristowe were “working through things” over the summer last year, before secretly breaking up in September and going public with the news in November, “Around the same time I learned about Kaitlyn and Jason.”

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“Everything we’ve had, everything we’ve been through—we were this team and we got through a lot of stuff together but then, in an instant, it’s all gone, so it’s just trying to move on from that and then stay positive about it and not let the outside noise take you down too much because living in a world where everything is on social media, you know it’s nerve-racking everytime I pick up my phone,” Booth said.

“I haven’t been on Twitter in months just ’cause I don’t want to scroll the mentions and then going on Instagram, I do that for business purposes—obviously get caught with scrolling and that’s always tough because, you know, you have a pit in your stomach.”

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