The nacho fries are coming back to Taco Bell, and this time James Marsden is helping promote the limited-time offer with a fake space adventure.

The “27 Dresses” actor stars in a parody of “Interstellar”. The newly named “Retrieval” follows Marsden’s character Dr. Conrad, a former astronaut who comes out of retirement when “chaos unfolds” as the nacho fries disappear into space.

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Brett Craig, CCO of Deutsch’s Los Angeles office, the creative agency behind the ad, understands the commercial is “a preposterous premise” but continued that someone “straight-faced” like Marsden, 45, “adds to the satire.”

The nacho fries were first introduced in January 2018 with the “Web of Fries” campaign starring Josh Duhamel. The fries came back for their second run in July with Duhamel promoting “Web of Fries: Franchise Wars”.

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Speaking to Ad Age, Global Chief Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg spoke of the parody of “Interstellar”, saying, “We felt like we created a sequel that was as good, if not better, than the original. The question becomes now how to do you top that and keep going with that?”