Rosanna Arquette was one of the first women to speak out about Harvey Weinstein on the brink of the Me Too movement.

She is now re-telling her story in the Weinstein documentary, “Untouchable” that has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Speaking to Variety, the “Pulp Fiction” actress spoke of how she still doesn’t have an agent since coming forward with the accusations against Weinstein adding, “there’s backlash for sure.”

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She goes on explaining that “There’s a boys club that protects the boys. He’s just one of many men, as we’re seeing more and more men being exposed for their awful behaviour and their abuse of power.”

Arquette also believes that she and the other women who came forward have “been spied on.”

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“I think the man deserves to be in jail. Many lives were shattered by his actions and his abuse of power. So I hope that there’s justice in that area,” she said.

Arquette adds that many people were complicit to Weinstein’s crimes those “who’ve paid off people to shut up, shut down stories that were coming out, threatened people. At some point, they have to look at themselves in the mirror and say, ‘Is this who I wanna be?’”