Do not tell Jenny Mollen about edgy because Jenny Mollen knows all about edgy.

The “Crazy, Stupid, Love” actress responded to a social media commenter who was less than thrilled about a post Mollen shared on Friday. The photo in question featured Mollen, 39, getting ready for the day while seemingly hooked up to an IV.

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“Getting full hair and makeup while simultaneously being pumped full of drugs,” Mollen captioned the photo. “A triptych.”

Her use of the term “drugs” was apparently too severe for one citizen of this wacky, wild world we call Instagram. “There is a difference between ‘drugs’ and ‘medicine’. You’ll regret these captions when the kids get old enough to read,” the user assured. “They will come back to haunt you.”

“The kids” might be referring to Mollen and husband Jason Brigg’s two children: Sid, 4, and Lazlo, 1.

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Mollen was clearly in no mood for that sort of remark and quickly fired back. “My husband is famous for f**k[ing] a pie,” Mollen replied. “I think I’m safe w whatever word choice I want.” The actress’ crude, and true, statement refers to Brigg’s infamous seen in the popular 1999 movie “American Pie”.

The celebrity couple has been married for more than 10 years.

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