Singer turned to Twitter to share a somewhat confusing email he received from Instagram on Saturday morning.

The email tells the Black Eyed Peas member that a video from the group called “Vibrations Pt. 1 Pt.2” was removed because he doesn’t have the rights to share it. is one of the founding members of the popular group.

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In a post on Twitter, he writes Instagram “just sent me an email saying I don’t own my music” and that he isn’t in the Black Eyed Peas.

He added, “if I were them I’d be embarrassed…I guess even the biggest companies in tech got tech problems… I’ll post on Twitter” because the founders “know what’s up.”

The warning from Instagram notes, “Remember that people should only post videos that they have the right to share” and then gave the chance to appeal their decision.

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The “Where Is The Love” singer wrote over the email “HA HA HA” with a bunch of laughing emojis.

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