Trump Blames Media Layoffs On ‘Fake News And Bad Journalism’

Donald Trump is blaming economic woes in the media industry on “fake news and bad journalism.”

In a Twitter post referencing recent staffing cuts at BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post, the U.S. president said they have “caused a big downturn.”

“Sadly, many others will follow,” he said. “The people want the Truth.”

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BuzzFeed announced Friday it was firing about 200 people, 15 per cent of its staff. Earlier in the week, it was revealed that Verizon’s media division, which includes Huffpost and Yahoo, would be reduced by 800 positions.

Buzzfeed was criticized by the president last week as well after the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller said a story on Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and the Russia investigation was not accurate.

The report, which Buzzfeed said it was standing by, alleged that Trump had asked Cohen to lie about a proposed Trump Tower project in Russia.

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