While at the Sundance Film Festival promoting her documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth”, Dr. Ruth revealed that she is writing a new edition to her hit book Sex For Dummies.

Speaking with Variety, Dr. Ruth, 90, said that the fourth version of her book that was first released in 1995 will be aimed at millennials.

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She said that the book will address the questions she gets asked all the time, she will “talk about loneliness,” the “art of conversation”, and “sexually transmitted diseases.”

She added that “they don’t have to read the whole page”, just the part that interests them.

Her most important piece of sex advice was that there should always be a relationship.

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“I don’t believe in one night stands. It will have lots of problems and loneliness. I want people to have relationships,” Dr. Ruth said.

Her book is scheduled to come out this year.

“Ask Dr. Ruth” is currently showing at the Sundance Film Festival, but for those who can’t go, Hulu has bought the theatrical and streaming rights. They claim they are attempting the widest theatrical release for a documentary ever.

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