Avril Lavigne made her way down the Juno Awards red carpet tonight, on her road to recovery after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Lavigne tells ET Canada’s Roz Weston her condition has improved, less than a year after her bout with the illness: “I’m happy to be feeling a lot better and just getting my life back and taking baby steps. I’m not performing at the Junos, I’m here with Chad, supporting him. For me it’s just exciting to be getting back.”;

When asked about the struggles of battling with the disease, the “Complicated”; singer seemed optimistic: “That’s life – last year Chad had to cancel his tour, he had throat surgery, and I dealt with the Lyme disease stuff, but that’s life right? Full of ups and downs.”;

Lavigne also talked about her relationship with ex-husband Chad Kroeger, and stressed the importance of their friendship.

“Chad and I have a great friendship. We started in the studio together working and we still work together, so it’s important for us just to keep that relationship.”;

The two Canadian artists are clearly excited for the night ahead, with Lavigne saying: “We love each other and we always will”; and Kroeger chiming in to add “now we’re in Calgary to party for the Junos!”;

You can watch a clip from the interview below: