The judge becomes the judged. Steven Tyler surprised Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban when he hit the American Idol audition stage on Thursday’s show dressed in drag.

Donning a blonde wig, a little dress and black boots, the Dude Looks Like a Lady singer auditioned under the name Pepper and attempted to perform “Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa, Our Love Going to Grow, Wah Wah.”;

“What the, what?”; Jackson exclaimed as the 64-year-old former Idol judge took the stage.

However, before the panel was able to make their decision, Tyler decided to judge the judges. “I like you men. The roosters may crow but the hens deliver the goods, do you know what I’m saying?”;

Once his identity was revealed, the Aerosmith frontman quipped, “Do I go through to Hollywood or what?”;

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“I thought it was Halloween. Has your chest grown?”; Jackson quipped.

Before leaving the room, Steven flashed his butt to the judges, adding, “I just wanted to come by and say hello.”;

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Does this mean we can expect a surprise visit from former judge Jennifer Lopez too?!

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