Jimmy Kimmel And Tracy Morgan Get Up Close And Personal With Wild Animals

When Tracy Morgan stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night, he was hoping to promote his new movie, “What Men Want”, and talk about recently turning 50.

The former “30 Rock” star instead had the fright of his life when came face to face with a number of wild animals courtesy of Canadian animal expert Dave Salmoni.

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Things started relatively calm with a cute-looking tamandua, aka the lesser anteater, which Kimmel remarked looked like it was wearing the same outfit as Morgan. Despite neither host nor comedian wanting to hold the creature, they did treat it to some apple sauce.

The action quickly picked up with zebras, screaming hairy armadillos, and Galapagos centipedes. Kimmel did try and put on a brave face and hold one of the armadillos but had to pass it back after it clawed him.

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Meanwhile, Morgan joked that he was leaving the show after Salmoni revealed that the Galapagos centipede is venomous. “Are you alright?” Salmoni asked “The Last O.G.” star. “No I ain’t alright!” a petrified Morgan shouted back.

Fortunately, things slowed back down with the introduction of a sloth, which both Morgan and Kimmel were quite happy to feed snacks. “Are you sure this isn’t just a stoned monkey?” Kimmel quipped.

Salmoni was on the show to promote the “Puppy Bowl XIV” which airs on Animal Planet before and during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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