Pete Davidson revealed he is completely done with the internet ahead of his Sundance Film Festival debut on Monday afternoon.

The “SNL” star spoke to Variety before the world premiere of “Big Time Adolescence,” Jason Orley’s coming-of-age comedy in which Davidson stars alongside “American Vandal” actor Griffin Gluck.

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Davidson opened up about his crazy 2018 and how life has changed since being thrown into the media spotlight. The 25-year-old comedian had to quit Instagram last year following his high-profile breakup with Ariana Grande.

“I can’t go on [social media] for obvious reasons,” Davidson said. In fact, he is over the internet full stop. “Just don’t go online… It doesn’t make me very happy. Even if it’s not about me, it’s random s**t like, ‘Trump farts.’ I’m not a fan of it.”

Davidson’s celebrity status has grown so much in the past year that he revealed he couldn’t even film “Big Time Adolescence” without police bothering him.

“It sucked,” he said when asked about filming the movie in Syracuse, New York, last summer. “The whole town of Syracuse blows. Let’s be honest, they just found out I was there and tried to arrest me the whole time.”

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In August 2018, Davidson and his friend were pulled over by New York police and charged with possession of marijuana.

“The cops, because there’s nothing going on there [in Syracuse], they were hunting me down the whole time,” he asserted. “They tried to arrest me for bringing business to your town. Never again, Syracuse.”

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Davidson also joked about how the last time he was in Park City, Utah, it was because he was in rehab. “It’s nice to be on the other side of it. And, also…,” he said, holding up a bottle of beer, “…it speaks wonders to your rehab facilities.”

“Big Time Adolescence” premiered at Sundance on Monday and Davidson has been receiving praise for his charming performance as bleached-blonde college dropout Zeke.