Suge Knight’s lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper has filed papers in court alleging that the man responsible for shooting Knight in 2014 has confessed to being paid by Dr. Dre to carry out the hit.

Record producer Suge Knight was shot six times in August 24, 2014 at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. In the papers filed on Friday, the attorney claims that hip-hop legend Dr. Dre is said to have paid the gunman and a friend “$50,000 to kill Knight.”;

To further the alleged conspiracy, the paperwork also suggests that an off-duty sheriff’s deputy “was seen on video letting the gunman in the front door of 1Oak”;, the venue where the incident took place. That deputy was also allegedly seen “helping the gunmen flee the country”; at LAX airport.

Suge Knight is currently in custody facing charges of murder and attempted murder after a fatal hit-and-run in January 2015 left one dead and another seriously injured.

Culpepper says that Knight is being held with extreme restrictions, including no phone, visitor, or mail privileges — and that it may be to stop “a massive scandal or cover-up”; from being revealed.