Jake Gyllenhaal sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and discussed a number of topics, including Donald Trump, Sean Penn, and his new movie, “Demolition”;.

In the interview, Gyllenhaal is asked for his thoughts on the media coverage of Republican candidate Donald Trump. He says it is easy to get caught up in the hype.

“Sometimes, I find myself seeing certain candidates like Trump where I say, “Oh, it excites the pre-adolescent in me,’ which is prevalent many times. But I want a leader who is an adult.”;

The actor also talked about Sean Penn’s wild encounter with Mexican drug cartel kingpin El Chapo.

“He’s complicated, and he got himself involved in a complicated situation. But it’s that type of courage that allows us to love the performances and the person. On a human level, it’s pretty incredible.”;

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in “Demolition”; a comedy-drama also starring Naomi Watts. He explains a new challenge he faced as an actor.

“Playing a character where, for the first three-quarters of the movie, apathy is his main feeling. Pulling back from the idea that emoting is what acting’s about.

“Demolition”; opened last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and will be in select theatres on April 8, 2016.