“Do you know the name Marie Kondo?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the audience of his late-night talk show on Tuesday, referring to the phenom behind the bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the new Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

After rapturous applause, Kimmel revealed that Kondo had paid a visit to his messy, cluttered “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” office to offer some tidying tips.

Things got off to a weird start immediately after Kondo arrived at his office, with Kimmel telling her (through a translator) that he had a nightmare that she “came into my office and started destroying my things.”

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As Kondo explained, she never forces anyone to throw anything away but has people make those determinations for themselves. “Great,” quipped Kimmel. “Then our work here is done.”

Not so fast. Kondo was on hand to go through everything in Kimmel’s office with one key criterion in mind: Whether  or not that object “sparks joy.”

However, not everything in the office met that particular criterion, such as a pair of socks Kondo pulls out of a drawer. Admitting they don’t spark joy, Kimmel explained that “I just have to wear them for the show,” which leads Kondo to ask Kimmel to express his gratitude to the socks.

“Thanks socks, for always being there in the drawer,” said Kimmel to his socks. “For protecting my feet and keeping them warm, and, um, for all the other great things you do.”

“Perfect,” declared Kondo.

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Kondo proceeded to “wake up” a stack of books, while Kimmel explained how objects such as a Wiffle bat signed by Magic Johnson brought him joy before reciting the lyrics of 1986 hit “The Rain” by Oran “Juice” Jones.

Ultimately, Kondo left Kimmel with a tidier office and the declaration that “I’m not going to tidy for you, it’s everyone’s job to tidy their own space.”

“Hey guys,” Kimmel immediately told his assistants, “It’s your job to tidy my own space.”