As a reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian doesn’t shy away from sharing her personal experiences. It’s no secret that she has struggled with fertility and now she’s part of a new Kotex campaign to help young women and girls talk about their own health – and no topic is off limits.

“I’m 28 and I still sometimes  don’t know what’s up with my body,”; she reveals. “It’s so taboo for some reason to talk about a lot of body changes in young ladies and girls.”; But with Khloe’s help that’s slowly starting to change with the website

“It’s basically a  platform to start conversations for young girls, really about anything on myth-busters,”; explains Khloe. “If they have stories to tell about their body and health and women empowerment and the changes they’re going through, and then, you have other people that will then go and interact on this website.”;

Khloe’s sister Kim is going through a lot of changes herself – being four months pregnant! “She’s great, she’s high spirits, energy,”; Khloe smiles. “She’s just starting to get a little bump… she said it came out of nowhere.”;

Khloe says that being on TV has been both a gift and a curse for her and her siblings – but what you see is what you get with the Kardashians. “We do a reality show with a family and it’s hard to be anything but yourself, because they’re your family and that’s your comfort zone.”;

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