Viral Star Mary Halsey Shows Off Her Newest Karaoke Song On ‘Ellen’

After reaching viral fame last year when she danced and sang to Missy Elliot’s “Work It”, Mary Halsey returned to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about her new found fame and astonishing weight loss.

Nicknamed “funky white sister” by the rapper, Halsey’s video of her dancing and singing was everywhere last Summer when Ellen Degeneres invited her on her show to surprise her with Missy Elliot.

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Halsey returned to the talk show where she showed off her 30-pound weight loss that she attributes to keeping busy and cutting back on carbs.

The weight is “just dropping off”, Halsey exclaimed.

“This hole I never could fill in my life” that she tried to fill with food has “been filled by all the love I’m getting from everybody,” she continued saying.

After her first appearance on “Ellen DeGeneres”, she was sent as a correspondent to the American Music Awards where she had the chance to interview Cardi B.

All of this had lead to Halsey being named “One Of The Top 10 Rhode Islanders Of The Year.”

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Of course, she had been keeping busy, but that hasn’t stopped Halsey from continuing her love of karaoke with hits like “Get Your Freak On” and
“Anaconda” which she treated the audience to a performance of while holding onto a horn. Check it out below!

DeGeneres also gifted Halsey with two tickets to check out the Grammy Awards in February.



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