With Sir Patrick Stewart returning to take back his role as Jean-Luc Picard, fans have been anxious for any insight on what the CBS-All Access “Star Trek” series will bring.

Speaking with Yahoo, Stewart revealed that he was initially ready to turn down the project until they started talking when he realised it “was something very unusual” and he was “intrigued”.

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He was cautious on what details he would share but did announce that unlike “Next Generations” episode structure where each show is a different adventure, this will be “a 10-hour movie” broken down into episodes.

Fans shouldn’t expect an older Picard either. In the “All Good Things” episode that ended the “Star Trek: Next Generation” series 25 years ago, Picard has a grey beard as the show bounced between timelines.

“I looked older than I will in the upcoming series!” he added.

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Stewart also teased, “We’re hoping for more than one season.”

The newest series will air on CBS-All Access later this year.