Jameela Jamil is facing backlash after starring in an “inclusive” ad campaign for Aerie. It turns out, it’s not quite as inclusive as she thought.

After the actress tweeted the new campaign is “inclusive of everyone”, users pointed out that Aerie lacks “size inclusivity” and fails to provide a range of clothing sizes for all body types.

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“The Good Place” star engaged with users online, admitting the campaign and brand wasn’t as “inclusive” as she believed and thanked the Twitterverse for “educating” her on the issues and being outspoken to help bring change. Jamil promises the clothing brand is working towards becoming more size inclusive.

“I’ve never seen a campaign like this before that represents so many minorities, and I’m proud to be in it,” Jamil, 32, proudly tweeted with a photo of the group on Thursday.

Joining “The Good Place” star and “Busy Tonight” host Busy Philipps in the Aerie campaign are plus-size model and body positivity activist Iskra, artist Cleo Wade, “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Samira Wiley, Paralympian Brenna Huckaby, gymnast Aly Raisman and YouTuber Molly Burke. Each woman is a champion and activist using their platform to start conversations and help others.

Jamil, who is outspoken when it comes to anti-airbrushing and retouching in photos and has spoken out against celebs promoting fad diet fixes and body shaming.