April is shaping up to be a big month for Ricky Gervais. Not only will we see the debut of his new Netflix comedy Special Correspondents in a few weeks, but today he’s just given us our first look at his long-awaited sequel to critically acclaimed TV comedy The Office.

In The Office (which was successfully remade for U.S. television with Steve Carell), Gervais played desperately needy office manager David Brent, who had a knack for cringe-inducing conversation and ambitions (more like delusions) of a career in music.

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In the 13-years-later follow-up Life on the Road, Brent is back, now calling himself a “singer-songwriter”; but paying the bills as a travelling sales rep.

In this first-look clip, which Gervais shared to his 11 million Twitter followers, Brent is clearly as deluded as ever, visiting an office and offering an a cappella rendition of his latest tune that leaves everyone aghast thanks to some especially clunky sexual metaphors.

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Life on the Road will hit theatres in August.