Chelsea Peretti’s time as a series regular on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has come to an end.

The comedian and her character Gina Linetti have left the Nine-Nine after five phenomenal seasons. Peretti, 40, told Entertainment Weekly about what it means to leave the show.

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Peretti will occasionally return to the show in a guest role. In fact, she already has one guest appearance scheduled. That does not mean, however, the departure has been a breeze.

“Probably the camaraderie with the cast,” she answered when asked what she would miss the most. “We started off, many of us, not knowing each other; I knew Joe and Andy from the comedy world, but getting to know each other…

“It was a lot of growing that we’ve done together and we have a text chain and we’re still texting all the time,” she continued. “These are friendships that we’ve forged, so that’s definitely the part that’s the hardest to let go of.”

On the way out, Peretti had one request for her character Gina. “I really wanted to be in high stakes comedy,” she revealed. “And so getting to go undercover with Andy was something that was really fun for me. I think a lot of times Gina got isolated because she’s a civilian and not a cop so it felt like she couldn’t be brought out into a lot of the stories.”

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“So, for me, a lot of times the character was desk-bound and either saying something odd or funny or sometimes being a guide for other people to find their path; she would have the answers for a lot of stories in the show,” she added, “but, because comedy is like my religion, I love to be able to do a very active comedy story.”

The sixth season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premiered on Jan. 10 after being cancelled by Fox following five seasons.

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