As part of their visit to Bristol on Friday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met with kids at Bristol Old Vic’s outreach program.

While explaining an exhibition on the history of sound design at the theatre, a boy casually dropped an f* bomb.

“When you’re on the stage, you can’t be like, you know, f***ing around on the stage,” he said to the royal couple.

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Markle looked taken back, then laughed while Harry wasn’t even sure what to say.

One person commented on the Instagram post saying, “I think his parents will have domething to say to him tonight lol. They took it very well though. Too funny.”

Another commented on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s reaction, “Wow it took both of them back for a moment. Then they tried to blow it off and Meghan started to laugh” adding “I bet their child would get a stern lecture.”

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The couple also visited One25 as a part of their trip to Bristol where Markle dubbed herself  “in charge of the banana messaging” as she went to work writing messages of affirmation on bananas to be placed in food packages for sex worker.