Michelle Williams Talks Power And The #MeToo Movement: ‘I Went From Feeling Helpless To Helpful’

Michelle Williams discusses everything from the definition of “power” to the #MeToo movement in a new interview with ELLE UK.

Williams, 38, who stars on the magazine’s latest cover alongside artistic director Nicolas Ghesquiere, hit headlines last year after Harvey Weinstein’s alleged obsession with her was revealed.

It was also reported that she made nowhere near as much as her co-star Mark Wahlberg on the film “All The Money In the World”.

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Credit: ELLE UK/ Mariana Maltoni
Credit: ELLE UK/ Mariana Maltoni

Williams says of female empowerment and the #MeToo movement: “I do feel a responsibility. It’s been really heartening and rewarding for me to hear from other women; how they heard what I went through and how it gives them an example [of how] to ask for reparation, and to be able to institute that tiny little model in other scenarios.”

“That has been really one of the most rewarding things not just of my career, but of my life. Also, to have things flipped. Because I went from feeling very helpless, and now I feel helpful.”

Credit: ELLE UK/ Mariana Maltoni
Credit: ELLE UK/ Mariana Maltoni

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She adds of the term “power”: “[It’s] such a funny word; I never really felt connected to it. I think it’s because when I had seen examples of it in my life, it was misused. Power was never something I wanted in the way I had seen it represented.”

Williams, who shares 13-year-old daughter Matilda with the late Heath Ledger, goes on to say how she could call the way she balances her work and family life “power.”

She continues, “So I think a kind of redefinition of power, what that might mean personally for me, has taken place. I guess I could call it power, or just the ability to support my family in a meaningful way. The ability to ensure that the workplace is safe and fair; the ability to make choices not from a place of fear.”

The March issue of ELLE UK is on sale from Feb. 7.

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