Stephen Colbert ‘Interviews’ Donald Trump At The Super Bowl

One of the biggest events on TV Sunday night wasn’t the Super Bowl but an interview with Donald Trump that aired right before it.

Monday night on Global’s “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert shared his own take on what went down with “Stephen Colbert’s Interview of Margaret Brennan’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview of President Trump”.

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Through the magic of editing and effects, Colbert sat across from Trump. He started by throwing a football right at Trump’s head.

His first question for the president was, “When do you think you’ll be leaving office?” to which Trump replied, “February 15.”

Trump also shared that he would be having hot pockets at his Super Bowl party, and his love of bird watching.

During the opening monologue, Colbert previewed Tuesday’s State of the Union address from Donald Trump.

“Now when it comes to the State of the Union, just like prom there’s an official theme,” the host said. “This year’s theme is ‘Choosing Greatness’. Yes, we get a choice: The other options are ‘Selecting Mediocrity’, ‘Settling for Racist’, or ‘Fish’.”

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Colbert continued: “But Donald Trump says he wants to unite the country, and if you look at his polling numbers, he’s getting damn close. In fact, 56 per cent of Americans say they will definitely not vote for Trump next year, and a new CNN poll finds that four in 10 call this the worst governing of their lifetimes.

“Another surprising tidbit from the poll, 12 per cent of Americans say they’ve never heard of Mike Pence. Never heard of him. ‘Oh my God, honey, look behind the president! It’s some sort of boring ghost. He must be condemned to roam the Earth until he completes his unfinished Cream of Wheat.'”

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