The ‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ Are Baaaaack

They’re baaaaack!

Yes, fans are about to experience round 2 of Slice’s smash reality hit the Real Housewives of Vancouver. The format is simple. Throw five rich, boisterous and often catty society women into a fishbowl and see what happens. I think we can all agree that Season 1 had no shortage of drama (thank you Jody, Ronnie and Mary) and I expect that Season 2 – even with the cast changes – will deliver much of the same sensational smut.

Amiable Reiko and sensitive Christina have left RHOV for greener pastures and stepping into their stilettos are Ioulia Reynolds, Robin Reichman and Amanda Hansen. With them comes new alliances, rivalries and (expensive) baggage.  I spent several hours with each new Housewife, hoping to learn what makes them tick and more importantly… what makes them good TV.

Ioulia Reynolds is definitely the most rambunctious addition to the cast. The statuesque Russian is brutally blunt, and is as ambitious as she is beautiful. The two of us spent an afternoon at Vancouver’s Raw Canvas painting (and laughing) up a storm. Ioulia is a riot, but I sure wouldn’t cross her.  She told me she dreamed of being an Army General when she was little!

Then I was off to Southlands for an afternoon of Equestria with Southern belle Robin Reichman. This newly divorced mother-of-two has a warm demeanor, a sassy drawl and a broken heart. Robin revealed to me she was blindsided by her recent break-up and joined RHOV to get herself out of her funk. Not sure I would choose reality show therapy, but Robin said it worked for her.

My last RHOV date was with Amanda Hansen, a former addict who’s working to stay sober and rebuild her life after a nasty divorce. Amanda’s new drug of choice is exercise, so we threw on our spandex for a combination of pilates, yoga and ballet called The Bar Method. Amanda does this intense workout five times a week to maintain her killer bod, and I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of it in Season 2.

Stay tuned to for the latest RHOV news and watch my interview with the ladies on tonight’s ET Canada! And then watch the RHOV Season 2 premiere on Slice at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT!

~ By Erin Cebula



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