The Super Bowl on Sunday night was the lowest-scoring in history, making victors of the New England Patriots once more and greatly disappointing many viewers at home.

For TV’s late-night hosts, though, the bad game was great for comedy.

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“Last night was Super Bowl LIII, and 53 is also how many people stayed awake for the whole thing,” Jimmy Fallon joked on “The Tonight Show”.

“Rams quarterback Jared Goff just couldn’t score,” he added. “Americans said if we wanted to see a football player who can’t score, we’d watch Colton from ‘The Bachelor’.”

Fallon also joked about halftime show performer Adam Levine and his big topless moment.

“The Rams only scored three points and they were totally shut out in the second half,” Fallon said. “They said it was a little hard to concentrate after seeing Adam Levine’s nipples.”

Jimmy Kimmel also joked about Levine: “There was a wardrobe malfunction at the halftime show. The malfunction was someone in the wardrobe department let Adam Levine go on stage dressed like this.”

The host also did one of his “Lie Witness News” segments, asking people on the streets of Los Angeles, “Where were you when you found out the Rams won the Super Bowl?”

On “Busy Tonight”, host Busy Philipps was also fixated on Levine’s shirtlessness.

“You really did it, sir,” she said to Levine. “You really showed us your t**s last night during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.”

Philipps added, “Well, we do our part here at ‘Busy Tonight’ and we are lodging a formal complaint against not one but two of your nipples, Mr. Levine.”

Meanwhile, on “Late Night”, host Seth Meyers took on the big Super Bowl ads.

“Airing a commercial during this year’s Super Bowl cost companies five-and-a-quarter million dollars for a 30-second spot and there will be a lot of debate about which commercial was best,” he said. “But the worst one had to be that commercial for football.”

Meyers added, “What can I say about the Super Bowl that hasn’t already been written on Adam Levine’s torso?”

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James Corden also slammed the big game on “The Late Late Show”.

“You don’t have to clap,” he told the audience. “We all know what happened. We’re like, yeah, you won, the game was terrible.

“It was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history and the lowest-rated in ten years. It was less of a Super Bowl and more of a Just-Okay Bowl.”

Corden also took a shot at Americans for their version of “football.”

“I don’t want to hear one more word from Americans about how soccer is dull and no one ever scores the rest of my life,” he joked.