Kelly Clarkson has bagged her very own talk show but there’s one thing she’s still struggling with.

The 36-year-old appears on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where she tells the host: “We did the pilot and I was oddly comfortable.”

However, she admits: “I was not good at listening. I had Alex, a producer on the show, draw an airplane on a big giant card and land it because I just don’t shut up.

“If I’m still going, get right there in my sight and just land the plane. And then I’ll be like, ‘We’re wrapping it up.'”

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Failing to get a word in edgeways, DeGeneres then says: “It’s definitely important to listen, that’s one of the biggest things.”

Clarkson’s interview also sees DeGeneres unveil the exclusive “UglyDolls” trailer.

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