Ivanka Trump Knocks Performance Art Involving Lookalike Vacuuming

Ivanka Trump may be an art fan but a new piece of performance art isn’t impressing her.

Titled “Ivanka Vacuuming”, the work by Jennifer Rubell featured the artist, dressed and styled like the U.S. president’s daughter, vacuuming a plush neon-pink carpet.

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According to the description of the performance, members of the public can throw crumbs on the carpet for the fake Ivanka to clean up with her vacuum, and it’s all viewable on a daily livestream.

Seeing a report about the piece, Trump tweeted:

Ivanka’s brother Donald Trump Jr. more directly slammed the performance art, criticizing “self professed ‘feminists'” for “sexist attacks” against his sister.

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On Twitter, reaction to “Ivanka Vacuuming” was mixed, with some criticizing the work for being crude, and others saying it doesn’t go far enough.

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