Meghan Markle Reportedly Sent A Letter To Her Father Begging Him To ‘Stop Victimizing’ Her After Wedding To Prince Harry

Meghan Markle reportedly sent her father Thomas a letter begging him to “stop victimizing” her despite his claim she’d cut him out of her life.

The duchess’s dad has continuously bad-mouthed his daughter to the press after he failed to attend her wedding to Prince Harry back in May. He’s more recently insisted he can no longer get in touch with her.

Despite Thomas’s numerous interviews, Meghan’s friends have since spoken to People to insist this isn’t the case at all.

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Credit: People
Credit: People

The publication also stated the duchess had sent her father a letter, which read: “I have one father. Please stop victimizing me through the media.”

One of her friends added, “After she and Harry got back from their honeymoon, Meg sat down and wrote Thomas a long letter.

“She told him she loved him, she was heartbroken and wanted to put everything behind them. She forgave him for everything that had happened previously and just wanted to repair their relationship.”

They continued, “Meg asked him to stop victimizing her through the media and talk to her, not them.

“He replied in a very long letter, saying he loved her and wanted to make amends. But he finished the letter with the suggestion that the two of them should pose for a picture or stage a picture to show the world they’d made up.”

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The pal, who asked to remain anonymous, shared: “She was absolutely devastated. It was posing for pictures that had started this mess, and now he wanted to do the same thing with her?

“She just couldn’t believe it so she didn’t reply. He has her number, she hasn’t changed it. But he’s never called or texted despite what he says.”

A friend added, “I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he has done.”

Five women spoke to the magazine about what their friend is really like, defending her against the constant backlash she’s faced in the media.

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