After feeling a tightness in her chest this past October, “All My Children” star Susan Lucci ignored the discomfort saying, “It’s nothing. It’s gonna pass.”

However, the 72-year-old’s life took a sharp turn after she felt that pain again, discovering that she had severe heart problems, in which one artery was already 90 per cent blocked and the other was 75 per cent blocked.

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In a new interview with “Good Morning America”, Lucci opened up about her recent heart health scare, encouraging women to “listen to your symptoms and act on them.”

“I was actually in a boutique,” she said, “and I suddenly felt what I had heard someone on a TV interview years ago, a woman says that she, leading up to a heart attack, had felt like an elephant was pressing on her chest.”

The store’s manager drove Lucci to the hospital, where her tests revealed the two blocked arteries.

“I was just shocked,” the actress said. “Thank goodness that I was not home because had I been home, I probably would’ve said, ‘Oh, I just need to lie down. I’ll have some water…then, I’ll feel fine.'”

Although Lucci said she follows a healthy diet and exercises six to seven times a week, she later found out that the cause of her scare was due to genetics as well as stress.

“It shook…my confidence in my health,” Lucci expressed.

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In an interview with People, the soap star shared that she hopes her story will encourage people not to dismiss the noticeable symptoms of heart disease. “Everyone’s symptoms are different but I felt compelled to share mine. Even if it’s one person I help. That is someone’s life.”

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