Denise Richards is the mother of three children, and in an interview with People the new star of Slice‘s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” opens up about her youngest daughter’s special needs.

In addition to her daughters with ex-husband Charlie Sheen — Sam, 14, and Lola, 13 — Richards is also mom to seven-year-old Eloise, who was born with a chromosomal disorder that has caused some developmental delays.

Richards, 47, tells the magazine that she noticed Eloise wasn’t reaching the typical developmental milestones when she was a baby.

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“She wasn’t able to sit up on her own for a very long time and she didn’t start walking until she was two, and that was with physical therapy,” explains Richards, who married husband Aaron Phypers in September 2018.

About two years ago, reveals Richards, Eloise was diagnosed with a deletion in chromosome 8.

“She can only say a handful of words,” says Richards of Eloise, whom she adopted in 2011. “And there are times when she feels like her age in understanding, and then other times where it feels she’s emotionally three years old. It’s been challenging. I’m learning every day because they don’t really have a road map for her particular case.”

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Richards says that she’s optimistic about the future. “Every child is different,” she says. “You take care of your children no matter what is going on with them. I don’t know if she is ever going to talk like a typical child. But as a parent, you want what’s best for your children and you just do it.”

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In the interview, Richards also addresses Sheen. “I was never bitter about my divorce,” she insists. “Going through everything, it changed me. But I love life and I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of person. And I did my best to rise above it.”

Admitting that Sheen’s very public meltdown in 2011 was “extremely disheartening,” she tried not to get pulled into the madness. “Times were extremely negative and I would have to tell myself, This too shall pass,” she says, noting that despite the ups and downs she’s always encouraged her daughters to maintain a relationship with their father.

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“I’m supportive of the girls having a relationship with their dad,” she says of Sheen, who revealed in 2017 that he’s HIV positive.

“Whatever is going on with a couple, the children should not be privy to it. Obviously, there are times when emotions might flare up. But we’re human beings and we make mistakes. I know that when someone is struggling with addiction, sometimes choices are made that are not in the best judgment, and I have empathy for that. I want Charlie to be the best person and father he can be.”

You can read more with Richards in the latest issue of People.

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