Meet Lawson (Andy, Adam, Joel and Ryan)! Four charming blokes from Britain who already have four top 10 hits in the UK – and are gearing up to take the world by storm! And ladies, these guys are the real deal!

Don’t let their good looks fool you – “Lawson” are anything but your typical boy band! When ET Canada sat down with the group, lead singer, Andy Brown, told us: “I was diagnosed with a brain tumour (about five years ago) and I underwent an 18-hour operation. I was in the hospital for about three or four months… Dr. Lawson was the amazing surgeon who operated on me and saved my life! So we named the band in his honour.”

Their debut album “Chapman Square”, hits stores later this year but the heartthrobs are already being compared to some other famous Brits (like Coldplay and The Script). And the band says they won’t let the attention go to their heads! “There’s no real bitchiness” says Andy. “You just make the most of it and just never, never forget how lucky you are, because in a blink of the eye it could all be gone!”

“That’s the great thing about being in a band with just lads in it,” interjects bassist Ryan Fletcher, “You just get it out there and it’s done in a second… it’s just like being with your brothers!”