Zooey Deschanel And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Revisit ‘500 Days Of Summer’ 10 Years After Debut Of Beloved Rom-Com

One of the most celebrated romantic comedies of the past decade is marking its 10th anniversary with a special feature in Entertainment Weekly, with stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reuniting to discuss “500 Days of Summer”.

In the feature, the duo rewatch the film exactly 10 years and one week after its 2009 premiere at Sundance, sharing their impressions of the film all these years later.

This is a movie with zero dramatic irony. Zero,” says Deschanel, who played Summer Finn in the movie. “It is 100 per cent from Tom’s point of view, which we’ve talked about before, but it’s one thing people very much misunderstand about the movie. They think Summer’s a villain.”

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“And a lot of it has to do with this voiceover, and I think that’s sort of part of the point, that the voiceover sounds authoritative, so you believe that it’s true,” says Gordon-Levitt (Tom Hansen). “We all think that our perspective is authoritative, and Tom thinks that his perspective is authoritative. But life’s actually a lot more subjective than that.”

Adds Deschanel: “And also, it’s like, the moment she starts expressing herself — the moment she starts being like, “Okay, I can trust you, I’ll tell you about myself” — the voiceover drowns her out.”

“And starts talking about Tom!” interjects Gordon-Levitt. “If that voice is Tom’s voice, that means that while Summer is telling him about her dream, he is just thinking about how special he is.”

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“Which is kind of cool, like, it’s a cool storytelling device. I love the movie, but it’s interesting how much it draws people into his perspective,” marvels Deschanel, while Gordon-Levitt adds, “I think a really actually fun thing to do is try to watch it and just put yourself in Summer’s shoes the whole time. This is sort of autobiographical of [co-writer Scott] Neustadter’s life. He explicitly has said this is something that pretty much happened to him — but it’s from his point of view.”

You can read more from the “500 Days of Summer” stars in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, hitting newsstands on Friday, Feb. 8.

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