Simple Plan’s releasing a new music video for “Singing in the Rain”; today and only ET Canada was invited on set.

The reggae-inspired song features vocals from R. City and is the band’s third single off their fifth studio album “Taking One For The Team”;. The video depicts the highs and lows of becoming a “One Hit Wonder”;… something the guys of Simple Plan have never experienced.

Drummer Chuck Comeau jokes “We’re like a what? Twelve, 13-hit wonders?”; with lead singer Pierre Bouvier adding “Maybe more!”; Comeau smiles and lands on…”;Fifteen? I don’t know. Doing good. Knock on wood, it’s been good.”;

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Doing good is an understatement – the band has been continuously successful for the last 14 years. Bouvier tells us, “I feel like our band has had such a steady rise to success… back in the beginning I would say the song “Perfect’ was probably one that connected the most [with fans]”;. Comeau interjects “”I’m Just a Kid’! Even though it wasn’t like a worldwide smash. But… when it’s your first single and you come out. It sort of defines your band in some ways. For good or bad.”;

That song was released in 2002 and helped launch the Montreal natives into the spotlight.

But the guys will admit that after all this time their group dynamic isn’t always perfect.

Bouvier reveals, “It really is like family… we can say whatever, but also everything can be taken a little too… could be taken the wrong way. You know if you make a little joke, like “Nice shirt dudes!’ [The reaction can be] “What’s your problem man!’ You know?”; Comeau adds, “You got to walk on egg shells a little bit. You got to make sure you pick your battle [with your band mates]. Because sometimes it’s not worth it. But if it’s really important for the show or the song you’ve got to say something.”;

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Here’s a look at Simple Plan behind-the-scenes on the set of their “Singing in the Rain”; video.