Sometimes dead is definitely better.

The second trailer for the highly anticipated second adaptation of the classic Stephen King horror novel “Pet Sematary” is here — and it’s packed with trauma, tears, and a number of terrifying animal masks.

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The horror film follows the story of Louis Creed, played by Jason Clarke, his wife Rachel, and their two children Gage and Ellie as they move into a rural home.

After the family cat is tragically killed by a truck, Louis buries it in the mysterious “pet sematary”, located not far from their backyard. The family later learn that not everything is as it seems, proving that the dead “don’t come back the same.”

However, this new trailer reveals a mind-blowing plot twist and a major spoiler that may be controversial to fans of the novel and 1989 film.

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Spoilers Ahead!

In 2019 adaptation, it’s not the Creed family’s toddler son Gage who dies and comes back to life — it’s his big sister Ellie.

The makers of the new film revealed their reasons for making the change in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Trust me, we were nervous about it,” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told the magazine. “I feel this way about anything that you remake or update. If we gave you what you had before, we didn’t do the subject matter much good. I’m very protective of movies too, but I want a new experience each time, and feel like filmmakers have really thought about the choice. That was one, we thought, All right, let’s make this choice.

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After premiering at this year’s SXSW Festival, “Pet Sematary” will terrorize theatres near you starting April 5, 2019.

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