Katherine Heigl Reunites With The Cast Of ’27 Dresses’ To Look Back On The Rom-Com Hit

It’s been 11 years since “27 Dresses” hit theatres, and the Katherine Heigl romantic comedy still resonates.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Heigl reunited with co-stars James Marsden, Malin Akerman, and Edward Burns to reminisce about the film.

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”I was trying to think of what was going on in the world when we were shooting the movie,” Marsden said. “The iPhone was invented. That’s how long ago it was.”

Heigl laughed, remembering the introduction of the iPhone: ”I had to have a friend wait in line for it because I was on set!”

In the film, Heigl starred as Jane, a woman perpetually the bridesmaid and never the bride, always making sure her friends’ weddings didn’t fall apart.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

“I really related to Jane,” Heigl admitted. “My experience [in my 20s] was being a people pleaser, trying to make people happy. I understood her mindset.”

She continued, “Jane would throw herself in front of a bus for her sister and does, practically, but I loved the dynamic of Jane having to step into more than just the big-sister role but almost be her mother in a way.”

Looking back, the cast were impressed the film has remained a romcom favourite since it premiered.

“I don’t think anybody ever knows when you’re filming something that’s going to stand the test of time,” Marsden said. ”I think there’s a sincerity to the movie that gives it legs.”

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As for a sequel, Heigl said she’d be up for it, even going so far as to think up ideas for what the characters Jane, Kevin, Tess, and George would all be up to now.

”I think it would be awesome to see, seriously, what are their lives like 10 years later? Do they end up together? I personally think they did,” she imagined. “I think [Tess and George] have, like, three kids and she’s made Jane the godmother every time, so Jane has to plan the Christenings and the baby showers and the gender-reveal parties, but then all the other bridesmaids [also] make her the godmother. But [Jane and Kevin] can’t get pregnant.”

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