James Cameron finally settled that Matthew McConaughey “Titanic” rumour once and for all as he appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

Cameron, who directed the Oscar-winning flick, insisted McConaughey did read for Leonardo DiCaprio’s part, but in the end DiCaprio just pipped him to the post.

The Canadian director shared, “I just need everyone to back up for a second and realize not everything you hear on the Internet is true.”

Before he added: “Leo came in for an interview, and I had this weird thing, I looked around the room, and every woman in the building was in the meeting. Normally you meet with an actor and you’re one-on-one in an office. The accountant was there, and the female security guard. I thought maybe I better cast this guy.”

Cameron went on, “I just wanna say Matthew, if you’re watching, are we good? Because it wasn’t me man.”

The star’s comments come after McConaughey told Graham Norton regarding the rumours: “I don’t know the real truth. I heard that James Cameron told people I had the part but that I turned it down.”

“I did read with Kate (Winslet) but I was never offered the part. If I was, I’d like to talk to my agent about it!”

Cameron, who has been busy promoting his latest movie “Avatar & Alita: Battle Angel”, also spoke to Radio 1 about “Titanic”.

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He said of the attention surrounding the flick, “There were two ‘Titanic’ manias, there was the negative ‘Titanic’ mania which was a nightmare and there was the positive ‘Titanic’ mania that followed that.”

Cameron added of that famous “I’m the king of the world” line: “It was made up on the spot. We had tried this line and that line and nothing was really working. I said ‘Just be in the moment and love it, celebrate the moment.'”