Monica Potter Claims She Was Refused A Role After Turning Down Sexual Advances From Harvey Weinstein

In a new interview with Will Ujek on WKYC as part of their “Let’s Be Clear” series, actress Monica Potter revealed that she lost out on a role after turning down advances from Harvey Weinstein.

She was asked if there were any roles she missed out on when the “Parenthood” star goes quiet before speaking about being up for a part in the 1999 film “The Cider House Rules”.

“I didn’t do something, so therefore I missed out on it,” Potter says. “I’m not saying the person who got it did, I’m just saying I didn’t.”

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The lead female role of Candy Kendall went to Charlize Theron, but Potter insists that doesn’t mean Theron was abused by Weinstein in any matter saying she just doesn’t know.

Potter goes on to explain that Weinstein made advances more than once.

“He tried three times with me,” she recalled. “Twice was in New York and once was in London.”

This was the first time the actress spoke out about what happened, adding that she fought back.

“I really hit him where it hurt.” she said, adding “I belted him. I flat out belted him.”

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“So yeah, I missed out on that role because of that hairy pig.”

Potter said she called her Dad after the incident and that she is “so grateful for all the women that stood up” as part of the #MeToo movement.

More than 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct from sexual advances to rape. Weinstein has denied all charges and claims that the sex was consensual.

Referring to Potter’s claims about the advances from Weinstein, his reps told WKYC that the two have always had “a friendly and cordial relationship over the years, and any suggestion or allegation otherwise is simply false.”




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