Just after ‘Stranger Things’ released a prequel novel to the show providing some background on your favourite character, they have now announced another novel is coming.

‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ will be released Jun. 4 and will focus on the life of Jim Hopper before the TV series take place.

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The book’s author, Adam Christopher, wrote a blog post about his upcoming project saying it will explore Hopper’s past as “a homicide detective in New York City, 1977”

Christopher calls the book a “dream project” and without giving anything away adds that he hopes readers “as much fun reading about his bizarre 1977 adventure as I did writing it.”

Netflix teased some alternate details, adding “when Eleven gets curious about unanswered questions, Hopper is forced to reckon with some long-buried secrets.”

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‘Suspicious Minds’ came earlier this week from Gwenda Bond. The other prequel book looks at how Terry Ives, Eleven’s mother, got involved with the secret government facility and how she reached her catatonic state that viewers are introduced to her in the first season.

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