Kevin Smith Asks For Help After His Daughter’s Stalker Posts Frighting Video

Kevin Smith has turned to Twitter in regards to a man stalking his daughter after the police have failed to help.

The filmmaker and actor wrote on Twitter that a man has stalked his 19-year-old daughter so “she went in to the PD and filed a complaint weeks ago.” He then adds, “Today he posted an Instagram video from a corner that’s frighteningly close to where we live.”

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Smith shared the mans Instagram where he has posted a video giving the address he is standing at saying he is “right around the corner” as he is “calling [Kevin Smith] out.”

He also shared screenshots from the man threatening them.

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Smith addresses his tweet to the LAPD asking “what do we do know?”

The LAPD has responded with a phone number for the Smith family to call.

Friend of the Smith family, Dean Cain, also replied and offered to come by and help protect his daughter.

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