Trevor Noah Defends Liam Neeson But Admits His ‘Particular Set Of Skills Doesn’t Include Shutting The F**k Up’

As Liam Neeson continues to be hit by backlash over his controversial “black b*****d” comments, the embattled actor is finding an unlikely defender in Trevor Noah.

In a “Between the Scenes” segment for “The Daily Show”, the host was asked about “Liam Neeson’s recent admission that he tried to kill a black person,” and offered an insightful response.

Speaking to the audience, Noah said that the context of Neeson’s admission would have made a difference, and said it would have been accepted very differently had it come, say, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Then, said Noah, “we would have seen it as a person admitting to a time in their life when they allowed their anger and hatred to fester into a racism that they’re ashamed of.”

In addition, explained Noah, Neeson’s track record as a serious dramatic actor makes the public take his comments more seriously, “the ‘Taken’ guy,” and not someone like Tom Hanks saying it.”

“I do think it was a powerful admission, though. I hope he and people who hear the story understand the gravity of what he’s saying, and that is if you are not careful, you can have inside of you a hatred that is encouraged or grown by the society you live in,” Noah remarked. “I think it was great that he was ashamed.”

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Naturally, Noah ended with a joke, quipping that after watching Neeson’s subsequent interviews attempting damage control — which many felt only served to make things worse — “clearly your particular set of skills doesn’t include shutting the f**k up.”

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