John Cusack is breathing a sigh of relief now that a judge has granted his request for a restraining order against a weirdo stalker who has shown up repeatedly at his home and even threatened to cast a black magic spell on his penis.

According to TMZ, Cusack filed court documents requesting a restraining order against Marieretno Subali, who showed up at his home several times (luckily, never when he was home).

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However, the actor believes that Subali is monitoring his activity via social media, and fears one of these days she’ll be waiting on his doorstep when he arrives at his home.

Even creepier, he claims that Subali has started contacting his family as well, even sending emails to his sister-in-law (in one, she claims that Cusack visited her in a dream).

“Another email was much darker,”; reveals TMZ. “In it, he says Subali threatened to perform a “black candle spell on him,’ which, according to her, would make him impotent … for life.”;

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The judge has ordered Subali has to stay 100 yards away from Cusack, and have no contact with the actor, his brother and sister-in-law.