Alicia Keys surprised fans by releasing her brand new track “Raise a Man” after Sunday night’s GRAMMYs.

The 38-year-old, who hosted the star-studded ceremony, said she wanted to “drop a new vibe” after such a musical evening.

Keys, who hasn’t released new music since her 2016 album HERE, sings in the track: “You’re just not like these other men out here/ You just wanna hold me, and that’s okay/ Can I be a woman for you, babe, in a time when it’s not allowed.”

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She continues, “How am I supposed to pretend that I don’t want you the way that I do / ‘Cause every time you’re around me, I feel virgin all again / And every time you’re all around me, how can I renege, boy I just need your hand.

“Is it okay that I’m not independent? Is it okay that I show weakness? Is it okay I can’t wait to see you? Is it okay to love a man right now? If you understand, then show me your hands.”

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Unsurprisingly, the song went down an absolute storm with fans. See some of the reaction below.

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