Rebel Wilson Glued Her Toenails On Before Love Scene With Liam Hemsworth In ‘Isn’t It Romantic’

It wasn’t that romantic behind the scenes of Rebel Wilson’s rom-com “Isn’t It Romantic”.

The 38-year-old Aussie actress reveals she had to superglue two of her toenails back on ahead of a love scene with co-star Liam Hemsworth after suffering an on-set mishap.

“I just admitted to Liam this morning something very embarrassing that happened to me in the scene where Liam comes out of the shower and I’m in bed,” the actress confesses during an interview with the BUILD Series. “Two of my toenails had come off because of a stunt earlier in the week, and in between takes, my makeup artist was supergluing them back onto my foot because I then had to run out of the bed and jump on Liam, or whatever.”

“Did it hurt a lot? That must’ve really hurt…” Hemsworth, 29, asks with concern.

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The new movie stars Wilson as a woman disenchanted with love who mysteriously finds herself trapped in a romantic comedy.

Naturally, there are a few intimate scenes for Wilson and Hemsworth in the movie. The actress jokes she was “respectful” of the newly married Hemsworth’s wife Miley Cyrus while filming the sexy scenes.

“Liam is such a gentleman, and obviously I respect Miley, like, a hundred per cent, so, you know, it was all PG-13,” she jokes, adding the shoot was gruelling for her because she appears in almost every scene, working 16 hours a day during filming. Wilson admits she tried not to think about the romantic scenes with fellow Aussie Hemsworth to avoid making it “awkward.”

“The scene where we’re making out in the hallway, somebody said to me, ‘We only have three shirts for Liam,’ so we only had three takes. So then I was like, ‘OK, I’m going for it,'” she says of just letting go during the filming on one intimate scene. “It is awkward if you think about it but if you just go for it … obviously, our movie was PG-13 so nothing full-on was going to happen.”

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For co-star Hemsworth, he was all about keeping things light-hearted on set between takes of the comedy’s more romantic moments.

“It’s always good in-between takes to keep it nice and light because it’s always — when you do a kissing scene with someone that you’ve been working with — now all of a sudden you have to make physical contact with their lips, that’s always a little nerve-racking,” he adds. “You’re doing it in front of a lot of people but it was really fun. We kept it light and fun.”

“Isn’t It Romantic” opens in theatres February 13.




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