‘Chicago P.D.”s Tracy Spiridakos Dishes On Playing Hailey Upton, Hints At Secrets Uncovered In This Week’s Episode

Canada’s own Tracy Spiridakos is giving “Chicago P.D.” fans a preview of what’s to come.

Speaking to ET Canada, the Winnipeg-born star weighed in on the show’s brand new episode, airing Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Global, and revealed what’s in store for her character, Detective Hailey Upton.

“There’s actually a part of her story that we find out in the episode that I don’t really wanna give away,” the star teases. “There’s definitely a lot that has happened to her as a police officer… and as a woman and a person here in the field… you end up kind of finding out – it affects who she is.”

As Spiridakos’ relationship with fellow squad member Adam Ruzek – played by Patrick John Flueger – continues to develop, their secret was destined to be discovered.

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“Early in the episode, [Ruzek’s ex] Kim [Burgess] finds out,” the 30-year-old explains. “She isn’t very happy about it. But as the episode progresses, it really gives Upton and Burgess a chance to bond, and they end up needing to work together to get out of a situation that they’re in.”

The actress became a part of the procedural’s main cast in 2017, when former star Sophia Bush was written off. “I don’t think of it as replacing,” she shares. “Upton and [Bush’s character Erin] Lindsay were partners for that last little bit… she has her own way of doing things and is very much her own person. I just wanted Hailey to have her own path and her own story.”

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Spiridakos arrived around the same time as replacement Executive Producer and showrunner Rick Eid, who’s determined to keep the show relevant. “I think one of my favourite things about our show is that… [we tackle] current issues that are happening in Chicago currently, in 2019,” the Canadian actress says. “The writers create these stories for us and we jump in, but I’m very proud of our show, and I’m proud of everything that we talk about and what we do.”

She also revealed that another “One Chicago” crossover is on its way: “There is another crossover that’s coming up with ‘P.D.’ and ‘Fire.’ There are more coming.”

“It’s a wonderful family to be a part of, and it does feel like a big family,” she continues. “I love everything about this whole franchise and everybody that’s involved in it. It’s been really lovely experience for me.”

And it seems as though her Canadian roots are helping her get through the countless shoots during this challenging Chicago winter. “Last week was the Polar Vortex… and I had family from Winnipeg calling me and [they] were like ‘Why is everyone freaking out? It’s that cold here all the time!'” she laughs. “So I guess you could say it did help me.”

You can watch full episodes of “Chicago P.D.” online.

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