Charlize Theron isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to typecasting. The actress recently told British GQ “when meaty roles come through, I’ve been in the room and pretty people get turned away first.”

ET Canada wanted to see what her equally attractive “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”; co-stars thought about her controversial comments.

“I don’t think Charlize has had a problem with that,”; Jessica Chastain tells us candidly.

Both Chastain and Chris Hemsworth agree that Theron’s had “great roles”; but they do say that appearance definitely plays a role in the casting process.

“Regardless of however you look, you immediately walk into a room and you’re put into a category of “Oh, you fit that role or that role,'”; states Hemsworth.

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Both of these actors, who aren’t hard on the eyes, tell us they’re happy with their careers and all the opportunities that have come their way. The latest one of course is starring together in “The Huntsman”;.

Chastain, herself, is a new addition to the Snow White prequel and while they play love interests on screen – they seem more like siblings. In our interview they were bickering about a little bullying problem on set!

“While we were shooting, at one point I looked at him and said “Chris, you’re bullying me and I’ve had enough of it you need to stop!'”; Chastain explains.

But Hemsworth remembers things differently, saying that’s “such a lie.”;

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You can definitely tell the two like joking around with each other.

“He makes me laugh,”; says Chastain with Hemsworth adding: “We have the same sense of humour. You know, you get lucky sometimes.”;

There was one person though who *wasn’t* so lucky on set… after a minor mishap with Chastain. “I elbowed someone in the face on accident,”; she admits. “I almost broke into tears because I was so upset and Chris was like “you should’ve kept going!'”;

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Hemsworth agrees with Chastain on this point: “I did! It looked awesome. That looks really real from where I’m standing – and it was!”;

To see the actors in action, check out “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”; in theatres April 22.