George Clooney’s ‘Catch-22’ TV Adaptation Gets Its First Teaser And Premiere Date

George Clooney is returning to television with an adaptation of one of the 20th century’s more beloved novels.

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On Monday, Hulu unveiled the first official teaser for the miniseries “Catch-22”, based on Joseph Heller’s anti-war classic.

The series stars Christopher Abbott as Yossarian, an American bombardier in World War II who’s facing the danger of his own military sending him on missions likely to kill him.

Yossarian risks running afoul of the military’s Catch-22 rule, whereby he is deemed “insane” if he chooses to continue flying such dangerous missions, but if he asks to be reassigned from duty he will be ruled “sane” and fit for duty, meaning he can’t be reassigned.

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Clooney also stars in the series, alongside Hugh Laurie, Graham Patrick Martin and Tessa Ferrer.

“Catch-22” premieres May 17.



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