Jian Ghomeshi Accuser Has No Regrets After Shaming Defamed Host: ‘I’d Do It Again’

When Canadian writer Carla Ciccone accused Jian Ghomeshi of being a “sexual predator” in a 2013 article for xojane, little did she know the whirlwind of a journey she was about to embark on.

Now, after the dust from Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial has barely settled, the writer is taking to the Internet once more to share the nightmare that she’s lived through, insisting that she has absolutely no regrets.

“They write about me. They talk about me on air. They defend Ghomeshi. They call my article a desperate plea for attention. They shame me, the bad-date shamer. They say, ‘Can’t a guy take a girl out anymore?'” she details in a personal account for Chatelaine. “I’m swimming in a sewer of it, but even worse are the unexpected remarks from people in my life.”

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Looking to escape from her reality, Ciccone reveals that she turned to alcohol, prescription drugs and considered cutting her wrists to deal with the incessant criticism she fielded from friends, co-workers, media and Internet trolls.

“An anonymous man makes a video about me in which he dubs me a ‘scumbag of the Internet.’ He picks apart my article and concludes that I’m an opportunistic hack trying to take down a good and powerful man,” she explains.

As Ciccone watched the trial from afar she echoes the sentiments of many other female onlookers. “During his sexual assault trial, Ghomeshi and his legal team look like day-walking vampires set on sucking the life and the hope out of the complainants and their supporters,” she writes. “Every flaw about the way our system tries sexual assault cases is highlighted. It’s like we’ve just watched an episode of “Law & Order: SVU”; called “The Patriarchy Always Wins.'”

She adds, “It’s heartbreaking. It’s enraging. It’s not surprising.”

And when contemplating whether she regrets writing the article, Ciccone writes, “it nearly ruined my life…And I’d do it again.”;

Read Ciccone’s complete piece at Chatelaine.com.



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