With a 15-season run and 331 episodes produced, “ER” holds the record as television’s longest-running medical drama — but not for long.

Later this season, “Grey’s Anatomy” will beat that record.

On Monday former “ER” doc George Clooney addressed being displaced in TV history while attending the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour, where he was promoting his new Hulu miniseries “Catch 22” (in which he stars, directs, and serves as exec producer).

Asked about “Grey’s” poised to break his show’s record, Clooney revealed he was aware it was happening.

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“I did know that,” quipped the 57-year-old star. “That’s got to stop. We gotta go back and do some more!”

After the session, Clooney was asked about the possibility of an “ER” reboot.

“Yeah, don’t you think that’s a great idea?” he joked. “I’d play a patient now!”

Clooney’s “ER” experience as Dr. Doug Ross also came up during the TCA session, as the star described the show’s runaway success as a “nutty moment” for him and his co-stars, changing the lives of “a bunch of actors, six of us, who were suddenly thrust into the stratosphere.”

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Asked about returning to TV with “Catch 22” Clooney told journalists that he feels the quality of the project is more important than whether it’s for television or the big screen.

“I don’t care about the medium, I really don’t,” he said. “I just care about the quality of the work. We just want to work.”

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