Russell Crowe Calls Out Academy For ‘Fundamentally Stupid Decision’ To Award Four Categories During Ad Breaks

Four Academy Awards will be presented during commercials break at the 2019 Oscars.

The decision to announce several Oscars winners during commercial break was made in order to help condense the show down to three hours. Those four awards are as follows: Cinematography, Film Editing, Live Action Short, and Makeup and Hairstyling.

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The Academy’s board of governors approved a plan in August to announce a handful of the awards during commercial breaks. It was not known until now, however, which of the 24 awards this would affect. Academy president John Bailey said in a statement the Academy is “still honouring the achievements of all 24 awards on the Oscars,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

“With the help of our partners at ABC, we also will stream these four award presentations online for our global fans to enjoy, live, along with our audience,” he added. “Fans will be able to watch on and on the Academy’s social channels. The live stream is a first for our show, and will help further awareness and promotion of these award categories.”

Russell Crowe called the Academy out on Twitter for the move not to broadcast the four nominees, calling it “a fundamentally stupid decision.”

“Roma” director Alfonso Cuaron, who is also nominated for Best Cinematography for the film, spoke out against the decision, highlighting how important cinematography and editing are to filmmaking.

Guillermo del Toro, the director of “The Shape of Water”, which won Best Picture, and “Pan’s Labyrinth”, which won both Best Makeup and Best Cinematography, also spoke out against cutting the cinematography and editing awards from the broadcast.

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Others who have taken to social media to express their disagreement with the Academy’s decision include cinematographers Emmanuel Lubezki, Reed Morano and Steve Yedlin, along with many others.

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WHEN RATINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE THING YOU’RE CELEBRATING. OF COURSE THE REVENUE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ART! (THAT MAKES THE REVENUE) SO THE EASIEST THING TO DO IS JUST FOLD INTO LINE INSTEAD OF STANDING UP FOR THE ART YOU YOURSELF CREATE. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN HOLLYWOOD, FOLKS. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Pretty sure if we can celebrate all FIVE nominated songs we could have reserved a few minutes of time to celebrate the TWO FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF EVERY FILM EVER MADE. We are supposed to lead by example. This art is the future of our industry. And what about all the progress we’ve made in these technical fields with regards to gender? No one will see that. And regardless of gender, what message are we sending to the young filmmakers coming up and the world if we, ourselves, can’t even value the two most vital ingredients in a film? #cinematography #editing #gimmeabreak #overit #embarassingdayforfilm

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The winning speeches in those four categories will be broadcasted later in the evening.

The 91st Academy Awards airs Sunday, Feb. 24.

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