Harrison Ford Slams Donald Trump On Climate Change Without Even Using His Name

Harrison Ford has zero love for the current president of the United States.

Speaking Tuesday at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the “Star Wars” actor made forceful remarks on the effects of climate change and the immediate need to solve the problem.

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At one point, Ford referred to leaders around the world who are standing in the way of progress on climate change, calling out the president without actually using his name.

“Around the world, elements of leadership — including in my own country — to preserve their state and the status quo, deny or denigrate science,” Ford, 76, said. “They are on the wrong side of history.

“We are faced with what I believe is the greatest moral crisis of our time. That those least responsible for nature’s destruction will suffer the greatest consequences.”

According to the Associated Press, the White House has yet to respond to Ford’s comments.

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Trump has consistently denied the reality of climate change, frequently calling it a hoax. In recent weeks he has tweeted about the supposed contradiction between global warming and freezing temperatures in the U.S.



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